I specialise in provocative presentations that inspire meaningful and honest action.

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“Lauren is one of the most sincere and simultaneously impressive women I have ever met.”

“I heard you speaking at the National Trust conference yesterday and I can’t get your talk out of my head. I wanted to cry and cheer at the same time. I just wanted to let you know how much what you said meant to me, moved me, and inspired me. It felt like at last there was someone talking about confidence and failure in a way that recognised how I feel most of the time, instead of being a model that I could never hope to aspire to. Thank you for doing what you do.”

"Thanks to @Redjotter for her important message, brave voice and inspiring talk. Here’s to changing the world!"

— Elisabeth Irgens

"Designers beyond the aesthetic; facilitators, enables, teachers, MIND BLOWINGLY BRILLIANT talk by @Redjotter"

Tom Carrington

"Fantastic show and tell from @Redjotter - as designers, it's our responsibility to be designing a better world for ourselves"

Lex Priestley

Lauren Currie, Managing Director of NOBL London, explored the pitfalls that leaders must overcome during periods of vast organizational change. Lauren explains why those at the top of organizations must be instigators of change, and how to work through human responses like resistance and vulnerability.


// Why it's time to be #upfront and share your power

// Organisational Design; the fourth wave of service design

// Increasing your Organisation’s Capacity for Change

// Designing Culture

// How understanding loss helps you manage culture through change



// Gather Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland. September 2019

// Gravity Road, in London, England. September 2019

 // Mind The Product Manchester, in Manchester, England. Feb 2020



// Designing Culture, Pi People @IDEAN, in London, England. May 2019

// Leading through times of change, Citizens Advice Chief Officers Forum, in Northampton. England. July 2019

// UK’s Festival of Motherhood and Work, in Manchester. England. May 2019

// The Frontier of Design, D&AD Festival, in London, England. May 2019

// Designing a culture during times of change, Gravity Road, in London, England. May 2019

// Designing Organisations, Cancer Research UK, in London, England. April 2019

// Designing a culture of confidence at work, St Guy’s and Thomas’ Trust, in London, England. April 2019

// Designing high performing teams, UBER, in Manchester, England. April 2019

// Designing Culture, Zoopla, in London, England. March 2019

// The Right Way To Be Wrong, National Trust, in the Cotswolds, England. February 2019

// UK’s Festival of Motherhood and Work, in London, England. Jan 2019 

// The Truth About Innovation, SP Energy Networks, in Chester, England. November 2018

// WPP Remix Conference, in London, England. October 2018

// Design Thinking Conference, in Amsterdam, Holland. October 2018

// UX Australia, in Melbourne, Australia. August 2018

// IxDA Sydney in Sydney, Australia. August 2018

// UK's Festival of Motherhood and Work, Manchester. May 2018

// University of Dundee, Saturday Evening Lecture Series, in Dundee, Scotland. May 2018

// Believe in Better Event in Linköping, Sweden. April 2018

// AURIL Annual Conference, in Bristol, England. October 2017

// Design Thinking Conference, in Amsterdam, Holland. October 2017

// (Her)story, in London, England. September 2017.

// St. Joseph's Academy Award Ceremony in Kilmarnock, Scotland. August 2017

// UX London, in London, England. May 2017

// Camp Digital, in Manchester, England. May 2017

// She Says Brighton, in Brighton, England. March 2017

// Creating Conversations with Glasgow Caledonia University, in Glasgow, Scotland. February 2017.

// Citizens Advice Design Lunch, in London, England. December 2016.

// F*** Up Night for Giving Tuesday, in London England. November 2016

// Dream Do Today in London, England. November 2016

// Service Design Hong Kong, in China. September 2016

// Good Innovation's Huddle, in London, England. July 2016

// Creative Summit, in Skellefteå, Sweden. July 2016

// The Women’s Business and Enterprise conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. June 2016

// TedX Birmingham, in Birmingham, England. June 2o16

// TedX Dundee, in Dundee, Scotland. May 2016

// Industrial Design Summit, BYU in Utah, USA. April 2016

// The Interaction Design Education Summit, in Helsinki, Finland. March 2016

// Off the record; power, tech, design and money, in London, England. March 2016

// Service Design Network Conference, in NYC, USA. October 2015

// Collaborate, in Bristol, England. November 2015

// Webdagene, in Oslo, Norway. October 2015

// Talk UX Manchester, Manchester. March 2015

// Service Design Network's Global 7th Annual Conference, Stockholm. 2014

// St Gallen Symposium, Switzerland. 2015

// National Housing Federation, London. 2015

// Management Today's Inspiring Women's Conference, Edinburgh. 2014

// UX Scotland, Edinburgh. 2015

// She Says Manchester, Manchester. 2015

// Cycle Hack Manchester, Manchester. 2015

// Service Design Network's Global 2nd Annual Conference, Berlin. 2011


Lauren brought real honesty and humility to the conversation which made a mark on us all”
— Sarah Trombetta, CEO of Grey
Lauren is a great storyteller… her passion is not only engaging but also completely infectious and inspirational. She loves design and making things better as much as tartan and the colour red… this is not an exaggeration.”
— Aimee Tasker, Common Good
Lauren delivered such a thought provoking talk – and just as importantly she made us laugh. I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and practicality - combined in such a unique way.”
— Mary Smith, Chair of Craft Scotland
Her words are equally inspiring, grounded in action, and shared with generosity. I’m a fangirl forever.”
— Qing Qing, Managing Director of JOYN:VISCOM