A little movie about creativity from the advertising world  via Thinking Aloud "The frightening and most difficult thing about being what somebody calls a creative person is that you have absolutely no idea where any of your thoughts come from."


ART & COPY trailer from Baldwin& on Vimeo.

Do you believe creativity can solve anything? Where do your thoughts come from?

Service Design on film

This film was created by Engine's Cale. It is about a Service Design student workshop. [youtube=]

I liked the quick and dirty approach Cale used to getting the students into the 'service' mind set by analysing the content of their wallet!

"Engine are committed to developing a greater awareness of the value of service design and help students to develop their capacity to think as service designers with the aid of new tools and new approaches."

The Millenials

Thank you to Arne for posting this video. I have always been fascinated by the way the world communicates, and how communication has evolved over the centuries. This was a strong influence on my final year project Douceurs. [youtube=]

These are issues designers need to be taking seriously!

  • We are all connected all of the time
  • Children are unafraid of technology
  • Play.Life and Work are getting more global.
  • Language and time are huge factors.