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Studio Unbound II

There has been chatter on twitter about Studio Unbound II, which is happening at Glasgow School of Art tonight. studiounbound_card1sq

For those of you who are new to this initiative you can watch the first Studio Unbound that happened in February at The University of Dundee.

Founded in 2009 by University of Dundee Master of Design graduate Lauren Currie (@Redjotter), and design writer and consultant Kate Andrews (@kateandrews), the Studio Unbound is an initiative aiming to introduce students, graduates and educators to the creative power of social media.

Together as Studio Unbound, Kate and Lauren explore the power of digital networking, demonstrating tools that students can use to move ideas forward, form networks with practitioners around the world, and build a reputation before and after graduation.

In highlighting creative people all over the world using social networking to their advantage, Studio Unbound discuss the dynamic, conversational value of new communication technologies and illustrate how ideas of teaching and learning need to move away from the confines of the classroom or studio towards other, often ad-hoc and virtual venues.

Focusing on the ever growing possibilities and opportunities that the digital world presents, Studio Unbound demonstrate that during a time of mass communication change, design courses must change with it if they are to stay relevant.

Studio Unbound is not all about Twitter or Facebook, but about breaking down preconceptions of social media technologies, into an incredible value system that can enable us all to find both an individual voice, and collaborative practice.


“A great designer understands that search and discovery is an on-going process that is at the heart of what makes us human. We spend our lives searching for people we share a strong sense of connection with. Designers must join that search.” - Desiree Collier, 2009. Design Week. The Joy of Search.


Joining Studio Unbound since October 2009, is Social Innovation Camp winner Sarah Drummond (@rufflemuffin). On October 8th 2009, Lauren and Sarah will run a Studio Unbound lecture at Glasgow School of Art, with Kate joining from London via Skype.

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Join our facebook group and keep an eye on our blog which is still in the making but looking promising... :)

Kate Pickering, a forward thinking jeweller will be tweeting from the audience tonight - join in on twitter with the tag #studiounbound and follow us live!

See you tonight at 6pm, Bourdon Lecture Theatre...


The End of Design was the public lecture accompanying my recent Masters Exhibition. [slideshare id=2131578&doc=theendofdesign-091005111752-phpapp01]

"Modern design has run its course. The challenges of our age demands a new design; in place of designing for desire we should design for inclusion, understanding and real world problem solving. The power of design thinking presents us with new opportunities for the future.

As Scotland's top rated institution for research design, the University of Dundee is uniquely placed to set out a new vision for the future of design. In this special lecture, Professors Tom Inns and Mike Press - both internationally acknowledged writers, researchers and broadcasters on design - provide a provocative and visionary of design in the 21st Century.

Evidence of this new design is seen in the work of this year's graduating Masters of Design students. The lecture accompanies their masters exhibition, providing vital contexts and insights into their work. Together, the lecture and exhibition emphasise Dundee's unique approach to the research and practice of design. "

Lasting around an hour this video is a deep insight into The Master of Design Course at Dundee and the work at our Masters exhibition. It is definitely one to watch for the students who have gotten in touch with me as they are considering applying for the course - and other Masters students who are embarking upon a design journey.

It should not be missed - design against crime | service design | co design | social design | transformation design | product design | interaction design | design for well being | design for disability | design thinking | design management | interdisciplinary...the list goes on....

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.880125&w=425&h=350&]

more about "THE END OF DESIGN on Vimeo", posted with vodpod

Tom, who was my project mentor, recently shared his archipelago of design at a workshop in London. Lauren Tan documented the day really well, in particular her insights from Toms model.

a little more focus on being human

Last week I attended  The Peter Bates Lecture People or policy? How to bring about social change:

Picture 3

"Good leadership at every level is the key to bringing about real social change within communities. Susan Deacon, Professor of Social Change at Queen Margaret University, will discuss this, and other factors effecting social change at the Peter Bates Lecture.

The Lecture, jointly hosted by the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside, will take place at the University of Dundee’s Dalhousie Building at 6pm on Wednesday, September 23rd.Professor Deacon, former MSP and Minister for Health and Community Care, will examine the influences effecting progressive social change in Scotland. She will examine whether government policy or community-level initiatives are more powerful drivers of social change.

In particular, she will discuss a failure to take account of the importance of leadership at every level in our communities, and suggest that we need to give more recognition to the power of individuals to bring about social change."

Here are my notes from the talk... img164




It worries me that myself and my old design studies tutor, who I spotted across the room, were the only people in the entire lecture hall taking notes...

I was very excited about the way Susan spoke about the human condition and truly listening to people, claiming the NHS had 'lost the plot and lost sight of what it means to be a person'. But there was no real conclusion as to how to achieve this - her ending phrase was ' we can make the world a better place by encouraging each other'. I'm not convinced. That's not enough is it?

The Studio Unbound

Today I am giving a presentation to University staff and students on the power of social networking.


"MDes student Lauren Currie explores the power of online social networking, and demonstrates the tools students at Duncan of Jordanstone are using to move ideas forward, form networks with practitioners around the world, and build a reputation before and after graduation.

“For the designer to become a producer, she must have the skills to begin directing content, by critically navigating the social, aesthetic, and technological systems across which communications flow.”

(Ellen Lupton, 1998)

In highlighting the creative people all over the world using social networking to their advantage, Lauren will discuss the dynamic, conversational value of online networking and show how ideas of teaching and learning need to move away from the confines of the studio towards other, often ad-hoc and virtual, venues.

Joining from London via video conferencing will be Kate Andrews, design writer and networker extraordinaire, who will share her own insights into the potential offered by new technology.

Focusing on the new possibilities and opportunities the digital world presents, this talk will demonstrate that the world has changed and is changing, and that design courses must change with it if they are to stay relevant."

Thank you to everyone who sent me links and shared their story with me. Jonathan will be twittering during the talk starting at 12.30pm so tune in! Photographs and feedback coming soon...

Conference Reflections

This week's Space & Place will be on today, February 18th in the  Reception Room at the University of Dundee. I will be presenting alongside Qin Han who will discuss her experiences at the Design Research Network symposium in Berlin last year, as well her attendance at the Service Design Conference enable.student workshop in Amsterdam.


I will be reflecting on the conference, sharing my insights, and encouraging the University to enable more students to attend such events.