What's next for services?

"What’s Next is a trends report offering clear, concise and non-sensationalist commentary on trends in society, business, science & technology, government and the environment. Each issue covers trends across twelve sectors and speculates about future risks and opportunities."

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The current issue depicts the following trends for services:

  • People will start to use services that do not require power.
  • People will seek services that give a sense of security and reduce stress.
  • We will see an increase in 'Home Grown' services.
  • People will start to use services aimed at helping people to exercise their brain.

Download the report here. I am curious about the idea of 'home grown' services. What is the best example you can think of?

Beyond the Schlock of the New

Plan's Kevin McCullagh outlines eight strategies for design and foresight in this article.

Predicting the future played a strong role in my final year project Douceurs... I had to rely on insights gained to 'imagine' what the service would become in the future. This article is interesting, I have always been interested in trend forecasting, especially the work that happens at The Future Laboratory...

I agree with  Kevin's opinion that "making bets on the future is part of a designers job description."

"Foresight work is about identifying and understanding discontinuities, which are the best spotted from 35,000 feet."