Swimming service slip up

Learning to swim is difficult no matter what age you are. I know a few adults who can't swim and the truth is they are nervous and anxious about what to expect. A very good friend of mine, who just celebrated her 50th birthday, recently inquired about taking more swimming lessons to build her confidence in the water. The member of staff at the sports centre handed her the form below: "We know it says 'child's name' but just scribble that out and write your name"

Picture 21

My friend is now disheartened and embarrassed. Where is the sensitivity and empathy ? It may seem like a little insignificant detail to the service provider, but to the adults who have plucked up the courage to inquire it forces them back to square one.

Journey Planner

An interactive website called Map24 is an excellent tool for mapping out journeys. You can then follow your chosen route through the map 3-Dimensionally and with satellite view. My first journey I mapped out was from

Osdorp Plein, 1068 Amsterdam, The Netherlands to

Nieuw- Zeelandweg, 1045 Amsterdam, The Neteherlands

This is the typical journey a worker of the Ports would travel everyday. Most of the journeys I researched were all under 20 minutes. This is travelling by car, most of our stakeholders would not travel to work by car so I must find a way of researching the journeys involving public transport.

This article talks about the service called the Westpoort Bus. I shall be experiencing this service myself, hopefully sometime this week. This will give me a key insight into the workers daily routine as well as a platform for comparison for when I carry out my journey to the factories.