Important dates and outcomes

I can see the problem I can see potential solutions

I can see the impact

But complexity is blocking all three steps!

I have to take a step back and think about each project individually - think about data I have collected, the photographs I have taken, the insights I have formed, the questions I am asking.

Think about my ideas at this stage, it is very early to have concrete solutions yet I will try to offer solutions to part of the problem and suggest steps to be taken after I leave to reach more final solutions.

By mapping out each project I will then focus on particular points from each, rather than trying to solve the bigger picture in all three projects!

Three weeks is so little time, and a week has already passed so fast! With the launch of End of The World this week, everyone at DesignThinkers is super busy!

I finally met Marjo today, the partner in the company, who kindly welcomed me into her beautiful home to discuss my work for the next two weeks.

The project of priority is the Ports of Amsterdam. I plan to meet Marjo and Arne next Monday to discuss my final outcomes, and present to them what I have discovered.

This info will be 'on screen' - mock up of 'cards' and 'profile cards' 'blueprint of my journey'

This brief is highly complex and there are many stakeholders involved. I will be meeting Harm this week who is involved in this brief, and he is arranging for me to go and visit the companies of the Ports this week.

These visits will be key in my progress within this project.

I will also be using a new service designed by Harm, for Starbucks - he has designed a service involving a bus specifically for the employees that takes them straight to work. I will be photographing this bus and the journey I take.

Sloep - Meet with Tim and Marjo on the 28th to show ideas...

Show - A mind - map of what I have discovered. My ideas for tools. Direct questions that I think need to be asked. Addressing how can we get as many ideas as possible?

The focus is on the training session, a brainstorming meeting to assist understanding about training sessions will take place after I leave. I have to create tools and data to help this brainstorming session be as beneficial as possible. Thinking about - What are we talking about here? Why are we talking about it? What tools will we use? What pictures will we use? How will we process the information? Think about things that inspire people? A warm up exercise that can get them in the mood for the training session? The journey to and from the session?

This session will be made up of people who are familiar with training, people who are unfamiliar with training and service designers from different backgrounds. I have to think about ways to get these people to interact with each other productively.

Arne is leaving to give a lecture at the Service Design School in Finland next Tuesday. He is going to run through the presentation he will giving at Finland with me on Friday this week - so I can learn more about the way DesignThinkers have worked on projects in the past :) I am looking forward to that!