Studio Unbound VI

This week Studio Unbound traveled  to Dundee to kick of our sixth session. The show got off to a late start, but we were genuinely excited to be presenting to such a multitude of design disciplines. Sarah talked about networking, mindset and name a few. I joined in via skype and focused on the difference between under grad and masters level and what my dissertation taught me.

We got a great reception, I was talking to the students on twitter and have captured their feedback and insights here. Sarah naturally focused on Service Design and Systems Thinking, we got a strong sense from the audience that these messages were suitable for all disciplines.

Sarah, being the lovely lass she is, went for coffee with some of the students afterwards and had great conversations about  Service Design as a discipline and a process. It has become an attractive and adaptable process at The University of Dundee , the students recognise it helps their own disciplines move into Social Design and designing co-creatively with people. We left Dundee more determined than ever to make Making Service Sense a reality...the students want it and need it!

We have been totally humbled by the response from the students and it makes us happy to hear them describe Sarah's blog and Redjotter as very accessible and their main source of learning about Service Design.

Many of the audience didn't know where to start to start with twitter, but we think we convinced them showing real examples of how twitter has changed our life! There was a good proportion of students already part of twitter although they admitted they don't use it or know what to say. The ones who did use it said it had made them feel more confident !

We have had some amazing feedback from designer Lorri Smyth about the effect  Studio Unbound has had in the Textiles studio .

  • There have been lots of people joining Twitter who hadn't used it before. Those who are a bit scared are receiving encouragement from others who have joined or have their own blogs already.
  • The other day some girls in my class set up a studio blog to discuss fundraising...we are working on other ways to use the blog ; to promote and network our year.
  • Inspired by the idea of Mypolice I began to wonder how as class rep I could use social media to facilitate better communications between staff and students. I am thinking of lots of ways to engage the class through the blog by writing articles and voting on polls etc to produce some positive action out of all the moans I hear!
  • Meanwhile we are working on our self motivated brief while the tutors are busy busy with the degree show. I proposed a series of peer led skills swap shops to extract and share the skills we have gathered as a class. People seem really up for it. I see the blog playing a part in this too.

You can follow their adventures here.

You can also read some brill feedback from Laura about her perspective as a jeweller on the session.

If you would like us to come and talk to your class or your students do get in touch !

Studio Unbound V

This week I traveled to Dundee to present Studio Unbound to the Masters of Design students,  as well as some Design Ethnography Master students. This is my  fifth Studio Unbound session and this time I invited James Porteous to join me via skype. James is a designer from Glasgow school of Art, studying on the Product Design course, with interests ranging from traditional areas of the subject, through to aspects such as service and interaction design. Outside of this, he works as a photographer, covering sports, news, music for various publications and clients, both online and off. James was in the audience at Studio Unbound II - shortly after attending , he wrote:

"So, I guess you could say I was skeptical of what I was going to learn (Sorry!), but the whole thing was very convincing. The depth of their arguments was engaging, and the discussion after the talk was as useful as the presentation itself. Looking at the numbers of people from the evening who are now embarking on blogging and micro-blogging, it’s plain to see that the event hit the mark."

He now twitters, keeps a blog and has an individual project blog. Sarah and me have been watching from afar and it is so brilliant to see that James has interpreted our talk in his own way and is clearly getting something out of it! In one project blog alone he has written over 10,ooo words which he admits would not have happened if it had not been for his digital platform.

James was brilliant and provided yet another perspective to what the Studio Unbound can achieve. The audience asked some great questions like "Do you have methods for this stuff?". Well, at the moment we have methods set up to run one to one Studio Unbound sessions with students to prepare them in lots of different ways for embracing the digital world. Our next step will be developing tools to capture what we do and evidence to prove it works.

A conclusion that came of out of the discussion was "Never tell anyone you are a student unless you are asked." Yes - you study ethnography but you are still an ethnographer. One student remarked "This can clearly lead to brain overload" and of course she was right! James rightly put it saying "There is so much to be said for switching off "...

Keep up with the Studio Unbound conversation and welcome new comers here.

Want to be part of a Service Design book ?

Calling all students, graduates, budding design thinkers and young service extraordinaires... We are writing a book on Service Design! and you are all invited to be part of it.

You are all talking about it on twitter, blogs and conferences anyway so we want you to share these conversations with us.

For those of you thinking about your future ( if you aren't - get a move on! ) this is a massive chance to impress employers and show your participation in the very latest service design debate and discussion... for the Studio Unbounders out there - this your chance to share you projects/readings/ findings/ opinions with industry.

This is a way to demonstrate that you grasp the very basics of Service Design. Experienced practitioners will be writing about more advanced methods but we want this  book to be co-created by the whole community, especially students! There is no method to simple, if you can think of it, and describe it in 500 words or less, please submit it.

Of course, you will be mentioned as a co-author in the printed book in return for your contribution. So please spend a second on thinking about your nick name before posting. Tell us your valuable references (books, articles, blogs, etc.) or projects and they will also be printed.

If you ANY questions at all drop me an email or leave a comment. The brilliant team over at This Is Service Design Thinking are on the edge of their seats... let's prove to the world that students are the future!