Today I learned about thinking strategically. We spent this morning with Professor Tom Inns.

So after taking all this info in , we were then asked to apply these ideas from the corporate world to ourselves. Here goes ( this was created in approx 3 minutes :)

  • My mission: To always be eager to learn and know more. To adopt a way of thinking and perception of design and the world around us, that inspires others.
  • My objectives: Increase my network of contacts by 10 people by the next month.Continue to source potential routes to making my knowledge public: articles, reviews, interviews,blogging, talks etc.
  • My strategy : Make use of all resources available to me. Make use of the mind set and skill set of those around me. Do not lose my ambition and determination. Always love it and stay confident.
  • My plans, policies and measures: Get up smiling every morning. Be positive. Stop something when it is not fun anymore. Eat healthy and sleep lots. Laugh lots. Do it for myself, and not other people. Read everyday. Talk to people everyday.

This little exercise was interesting, and it was nice to hear what the others had come up with. It enabled me to familiarize myself with the concepts introduced in the lecture. Tom recommended this book to learn more about strategy:

The issue of 'planning' was brought up, and a very interesting perspective raised by Tom - the fact that the process of planning is very important, but the plan itself is very unlikely to come true...

I love to make plans and write lists so when I first heard this I thought 'but I want to the plans I map out to come true!'...after thinking about it I realise that if everything stayed the same, then the plan probably would come true, BUT...I will change, my environment will change, people around me will change, and most improtantly the world around us is changing. Therefore, the plan is unlikely to come true without a little tweaking!