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Picture 26 Mypolice are presenting at This Happened tonight. It is taking place in The Wee Red bar in Edinburgh.

( rather apt considering the whole @redjotter thing :)

Hoping to meet new people and share our work and ideas. Fingers crossed we will get to put some faces to some tweeters.

This is the first official Mypolice presentation since Social Innovation Camp.  We will talk for ten minutes about the service and the story behind it. As Sarah says:

"I think it’s very important to share your process with people as you work on projects, it’s never easy and other people can learn alot from how you got from nothing to finished product.  You can also learn alot yourself, and importantly, gain feedback from people if you’re opening up your process as you go.  There are always peaks and troughs, and mypolice has certainly had both with more to come I’m sure."

If you are there be sure to say hello :) if not follow the goings on at the @mypolice twitter account.

p.s Follow This Happened on twitter too...

p.p.s very exciting post regarding mypolice and myfuture coming soon ...

Help me investigate is a place where you can collaborate with other people to investigate things.

1. Start an investigation 2. Invite other people to help you investigate it 3. Collaborate and share answers


"Think something is unjust or unfair - or just curious to know why something happened or how something works? Are you saying "Someone ought to do something"? That someone is you."

Very exiting. The public are investigating! Why does my doctor have an 0845 number? What are the plans for the mosaic at Stockland Green School?

Thanks to @dominiccampbell for discovery.

The Short and Simple Story

The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated. This video is a fantastic example of the power of visualisation and story telling.


Watch the video created by Jonathan Jarvis here.

City-inspired story

This is the first time an international story telling commercial has been used to profile a metropolitan area such as Amsterdam. The makers choose to sell 'emotion' rather than 'unique selling points'.

The city is unique in many ways. It has a wonderful blend of creativity, innovation and spirit...

This creation is playful and effective.

Personal Travel

This story written by Samantha Frietas, tells her story of travelling on a over-crowded bus every day in an unfamiliar country. Such honest and genuine accounts of such experiences are often hard to find... "I sometimes take myself out of the overwhelming and usually exhausting situation and find it very surreal. Like a scene out of a movie, there are people coughing, babies crying and people shouting on their cell phones - it seems like total chaos, yet if you look around at the passengers they are not even phased. The bus ride for them is not a frustrating invasion of space as it is for me, rather it is a time out of their day in which they have to worry about nothing but getting off at the right stop."

After reading this story, I would like to sum up my journeys in and around Amsterdam, the Harbour and my journey to the DSV factory tomorrow...

"The journey not the arrival matters." by T. S. Eliot