I would like to introduce you all to the wonderful : Things don't have to be rubbish "The world has got a bit rubbish recently. Our relationship with stuff has become temporary, throw away, on a losing tip. Now is our moment to start making and using things better. The first step is easy: tell the world about the stuff you treasure, why you care, and why you Kept it"

Kept was created in 2009, by a group of designers, writers, policymakers and business folks; thought-leaders and change-heeders who want a world where products can bring joy without filling the world with rubbish. "We believe in getting the most out of things: that there is delight, nobility even in keeping treasured things and not simply buying new."

Kept’s mission is to:

  • Help people to reduce waste
  • Make it easier for companies to ‘Make Things Better’
  • Keep things out of landfill and in fashion


So how can you help and get more involved? Well, the first bit is easy: they are asking us to tell them our stories about all the beautiful things that we are keeping, and why!

You can do this in two ways - either enter your story straight onto, or if you use twitter just add #kept to your story. It's that simple!


"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." - Sir Ken Robinson Intentions, is a collaborative project between Arne van Oosterom and Kate Andrews.

The aim of this project is to create a book of compelling stories from around the world, capturing how creative people struggle to make a difference, in an indifferent world.


The book 'Intentions' will tell stories about the importance of making mistakes. Because from failure we learn and grow. This is what being creative is all about. It is about learning by trying, sketching and experimenting. It is failure which makes us grow the most, not 'success'.

Intentions puts the importance of failure center stage for a change. As project researcher I would like to request your help! So, do you have a story to tell us about?

Please send your story (400 words max) before Tuesday 14th April 2009, to kcandr (at) gmail (dot)com, arne (at) designthinkers (dot) nl or myredjotter (at) gmail (dot) com