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The Studio Unbound

Today I am giving a presentation to University staff and students on the power of social networking.


"MDes student Lauren Currie explores the power of online social networking, and demonstrates the tools students at Duncan of Jordanstone are using to move ideas forward, form networks with practitioners around the world, and build a reputation before and after graduation.

“For the designer to become a producer, she must have the skills to begin directing content, by critically navigating the social, aesthetic, and technological systems across which communications flow.”

(Ellen Lupton, 1998)

In highlighting the creative people all over the world using social networking to their advantage, Lauren will discuss the dynamic, conversational value of online networking and show how ideas of teaching and learning need to move away from the confines of the studio towards other, often ad-hoc and virtual, venues.

Joining from London via video conferencing will be Kate Andrews, design writer and networker extraordinaire, who will share her own insights into the potential offered by new technology.

Focusing on the new possibilities and opportunities the digital world presents, this talk will demonstrate that the world has changed and is changing, and that design courses must change with it if they are to stay relevant."

Thank you to everyone who sent me links and shared their story with me. Jonathan will be twittering during the talk starting at 12.30pm so tune in! Photographs and feedback coming soon...

The value of social networking

Yesterday I presented the value of social networking to undergraduates at Duncan  Jordanstone. The audience was made up of jewelery, product, interior, interactive media and graphic design students. dhtp_3

The focus of my talk was expressing the huge opportunity social networking presents. It has offered me the chance to be discover people I may not have discovered otherwise. I am now part of a web of fantastic people! Much more on this topic coming very soon... How has social networking affected you?

View my slide show here and see more pics

"I Google myself"

This provoked mixed emotions: it made me laugh because it is so very true. But it also made me think that we are all slightly crazy, we have even developed techniques to improve the quality of the search results when googling ourselves: quotation marks. This video encompasses the You Tube's generation self obsession.


via Valleywag

We have all done it :) But  where is the element of surprise in meeting someone for the first time, when you have already googled them and know the name of their dog, and why they got fired from their last job?  How can we make an excellent first impression at a job interview, if the employer has googled us and saw pics of us a little worse for wear last weekend?

This video doesn't touch on the equally disturbing obsession we have with social networking sites.

This article from the Guardian discusses University students using Facebook to make friends before term starts. It states "Facebook is the ultimate tool for procrastination...people can be very judgmental and form false impressions."

What is going to happen to romance, mystery and surprise? Not to mention self-respect? It worries me, yet all my friends claim it is great for keeping in touch. Maybe. But where is the balance?