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No place like home asks the world 'why make a family homeless?' Of course, we have a natural yearning as a family unit to stay together. Savethefamily are the largest Homeless Family charity in the UK. They keep homeless families together and work to address each individual  compounded problem, in a practical, needs-led, holistic way. On Monday the 6th of April Savethefamily showed the world the human cost of the recession. In hosting Sky News they opened our eyes to the part everybody would like to forget. They remind us that local and national government deal with individuals - there is no family approach that deals with things holistically.

Watch chief Executive Tim Mc Lauchlan talking on Sky News in Wales:


"Families don't fit into boxes. We meet these families where they are - we go towards them and we lift them from where they are without judging them"

This social enterprise are evidently thinking differently in seeing the bigger picture and addressing needs that get ignored elsewhere, helping families re-settle back into the community to contribute socially and economically.