rosan chow

Das Ende

The question of when a project formally ends is one that I usually take for granted. But this project has been different - our client was real, the budget was concrete and it all felt true. 3643089169_114e9d34fb

Berlin felt like a whole new place in the sunshine...

I have learned a whole new way of designing that was really challenging, but ultimately very liberating. It challenged the process I have been taught  since high school . We didn't find a problem - we didn't evaluate concepts - we let all ideas and possibilities collide. At times this felt too random, too unstructured - but the vast amount of ideas generated in such a short space of time was nothing like I had experienced before.


RIP and MIX places the focus on the process of existing design knowledge, objectified in the form of existing products and services. I have a new found respect for that knowledge.

Berlin's final call!

"Berlin Calls" once again! The 6 month project “Transferring today to Tomorrow” that commenced in January with Deutch Telekom laboratories is now in it's final stage. We are flying over to relay the final outcome, in the form of a book,  to our Berlin counterparts. Wish me luck :) You can view pictures of the process here and learn more about my last visit to Berlin in February. Picture 15

When I come back from Berlin I am flying to a place where the sun shines all day every day.

If everything goes to plan I will return rested, cleverer with more freckles...