Dundee talks to me about Service

This weekend, I spent an afternoon in Dundee city centre asking people about their good and bad service experiences. I carried out this research to gain a deeper understanding of how the word 'service’ is perceived by the public. As part of my Masters project pitch I highlighted that the public are unaware of just how many services they interact with on a daily basis . [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.838097&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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Speaking to this range of people showed me that this is very true. It also showed me that people are very passionate about the services they use and how they are treated as customers.

You can see photographs of the day here – taken by Kate Andrews.

Visualisation in the public sector

The organization Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI), a research consultancy focusing on the development of evidence to help the public sector deliver better services, have recently been commissioned by the UK Department of Communities and Local Government to carry out a review of the many approaches to visualizing data in the public realm. picture-41

"The project will seek to understand the potential for visualisations in the analysis and communication of data, and provide guidance for national and local analysts on making best use of visualisation.

Work on the project will explore questions including:

  • What visualisations are being used by the public sector? What can we learn from elsewhere?
  • Is there a useful typology (classification) of visualisation techniques for public sector users?
  • How effective are particular types of visualisation in supporting public sector research and decision-making?
  • What are the most appropriate visualisation techniques for particular purposes?

The primary output from the project will be a web application, to help users identify strengths and weaknesses of visualisations for particular purposes, also linking to examples and supporting material.

The project/website will be an excellent opportunity to show case your own examples of good visualisation, and help contribute to common standards of good practice in the research community.  Send your examples here

I am intrigued.

Simply Brilliant

It is all a little bit of a secret at the moment but I am so excited I had to post, even just a little one...

I have been given the amazing opportunity to participate in a live research project. Focusing on Service Design and 'design transfer'. Watch this space as my new adventure begins :) :)

Research and Methodology

Today we were given a talk on research by Professor Mike Press. He is very inspirational speaker who never fails to capture my imagination! He talked about the difference between scientists and designers -  a scientist observes the world and then compares observation with current knowledge. A designer has value preferences of how the world should be and proposes how to change it.

Interesting. This would suggest that designers have the opportunity to change the world! Even if just a little bit.

I want to clearly understand the methods that I use to make sense of the world?

I am going to start reading Visualising Research by Carole Gray and Julian Malins. We discussed the various differents modes of research :

  • research into design
  • research for design
  • research by design

Ultimately using design as a creative practice to produce new knowledge.