project H

Project H

Humanity, habitats, health and happiness. "Project H Design is a charitable organization that supports, inspires, and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design solutions. We champion industrial design as a tool to address social issues, a vehicle for global life improvement, and a catalyst for individual and community empowerment."

I was introduced to this fantastic project by Kate...

I am particularly interested in the innovative way this collaboration is set up and how it functions. The team is made up of 'local chapters'.

"Project H chapters are local, city-based design “troops” working on projects in their own back yard, delivering pro bono design services to individuals, organizations, and groups in need."


"The local-meets-global approach, supported by a committed group of volunteer designers, allows us to serve more broadly. We also become aware of new design opportunities and similarities between our own back yards and far off places. We believe chapters can deliver design that can bridges markets for wide scale implementation, beginning with our local communities."

"Project H Design encourages the reorientation of the design industry towards a more socially-impactful and humanitarian entity through a variety of Initiatives that include design thinking, production and distribution, funding, design academics, and local chapter projects."

I passionately share many of these beliefs..this project has really got me thinking! I will definitely be closely following Project H's progress...I will also be exploring becoming a 'local chapter'.