Storybook Dads

Storybook Dads is an award winning service that aims to keep imprisoned parents and their children together. [youtube=]

The video is a little long, but it highlights the importance of the prisoners developing literacy and computer software skills. Storybook Dads also offers storytelling workshops, giving the prisoners the chance to write their child a story.

"Imprisoned fathers have a tendency to withdraw from the outside world, many losing contact with their children completely. A high percentage of prisoners come from a socially excluded background with over 25% having been in care as a child. Our research shows that a high percentage were never read to as a child and have never read to their own children. Literacy levels tend to be well below average with over half of prisoners having no qualifications and many having been excluded from school."

One of the main aims of the service is to stop the cycle of offence from repeating itself and being passed on from parent to child. The charity also works with parents in the armed forces,  who work away from their children.