Co-creation communities

Redesignme.com celebrates  co-creation communities. The web site is difficult to navigate and I am still a little confused although there are some interesting snippets: "Through Redesignme Challenges companies ask for your help in making better products or services..."


How it works

1. Create an account Everybody can join as a Redesigner. Maybe you are a young designer or professional or just someone who likes to brainstorm about products & services. Just create and account and earn credits with your creativity.

2. Join RDM Challenges On RedesignMe.com companies post RDM Challenges. Basically they ask you to brainstorm about one of their (new) products or services. You can help them by uploading Redesigns. A Redesign is a visualized idea in response to their challenge.

3. Earn RDMs (our online currency) All of your Redesigns are rated by the rest of the community. After a couple of days, the company will also rate your Redesign. If they like it, you earn RDMs. Redesigns with a high rating have a bigger chance of generating RDMs.

4. Buy products You collect RDMs by joining as many RDM Challenges as possible. You can also make multiple Redesigns per RDM Challange. If you have enough RDMs then you can buy products with them in our online RDM Shop.

Another example of a solution celebrating the power of the crowd is Kluster.com:

"Kluster is a collaborative decision making platform, a turbo-charged collective wisdom machine that turns questions into answers, ideas into opportunities, and analysis into action. Unlike conventional "crowdsourcing" that pits people and ideas against each other, Kluster brings them together. Our approach is based on real-world group decision-making models, taking into account individual influence and participation. Not only does Kluster identify the best ideas, it actually improves them in the process."


Read more in the New York Times : Putting Innovation in the hands of the crowd.

I must admit I am still getting my head around these ideas. Mike Press said to me recently "every service designer should know everything there is to know about crowd sourcing"...so here I go!

Please share any links you have!