Cultural Probe Plant

Today I was asked to be a cultural probe participant :) I am very interested in cultural probes and find them a fascinating way to gain unique insight into people and the world around us. Probes were a big part of my research in my Honours project, find out more about how probes informed Douceurs here. Thank you to product designer Steph for including me in this little experiment. Learn more about her here.

This probe is focusing on establishing insight into how to make people's living environment healthier.

So my new plant is to become a part of my home for the next week. Its 'writeable' flower pot is a canvas for me to doodle my experience. I must say I am already a little attached :) My initial thoughts are this... I would never buy a plant for myself for various reasons, mainly because it is something I unfamiliar with and would feel very guilty if I neglected it. But, as someone has given me this little plant ( and the fact it is only little is important too) has made me like it much more! I will be documenting my week with my new plant.