Elliott talks Pink

pink_bird Today, Elliott from Pennsylvania based service design agency Pink* told me the story of the company, the people and how they came to be...

With backgrounds in electrical engineering, cognitive science and graphic design these three twenty-six year olds are working out of their own pockets, "going after what they want and worrying about the details later." Steve and Elliot studied the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon Masters program, whilst Alex studied design.

These courses aim to "understand and create technology that harmonizes with and improves human capabilities, goals, and social environments through interdisciplinary research and education in design, computer science, and behavioural and social sciences."

Guided by Shelley Evenson, the group designed a service design firm as part of their module descriptor. This involved market research, branding, business case. After graduating, what was once a project is becoming reality.

So, why Pink? Well, the word Pink has a strange absurdity attached to it in the States. They guys are certainly standing out from the crowd! Their work happens in a converted barn space in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pink* are keen to have an ongoing dialogue with the public, and want to "show what service designers actually do on a day to day basis."

Whilst working on a press publication, website, blog and lots of other media stuff, Pink* have recently completed a large project with a pharmaceutical company made up of over 70,000 employees. Lots too look forward to!

Image: Flickr

Service Design goes Pink*

Pink* Although many companies are seemingly practicing service design, or elements of the discipline, there are few who are wholly brand themselves as service designers. However, Frontier Design recently announced they were the first service design firm in the US... so I am eagerly awaiting more information from this very interesting group of people! What an exciting development for Service Design! Head Service Designer Joel Bailey echoed my opinion.

Thanks to Elliot's comment, I have discovered Pink*, a service design company based in Pennsylvania, founded in August 2008. Although their website is not completed, it is simple, informative and beautiful. I love that 'SEE' is part of their process: "we work with you and your stakeholders to understand the problem space from varied perspectives." I really look forward to learning more about Pink*!