Service signage failure

I walked into my local GP surgery to find this:

3794789721_3a14717f53I don't understand ... so where am I supposed to go? Call for advice from the front door? Why can't a person come and speak to me?

This is an example of why people don't like going to the doctors and why people don't seek help when they are ill.

A conversation has to be happen between:

  • the person who made this sign
  • the person who decided to place it at the front door
  • the doctors who walk past it every morning approvingly
  • the reception who witnesses the reactions
  • most importantly - the patients

...fling a service designer into that mix and you are onto a solution!

Direct to the patient

The UK's first academic health science centre in partnership with Imperial College London has a shiny new website. Picture 16

It is full of good stuff such as the patient experience section:

"Welcome to the patient information section of our website. Here you can find all you need to know about your hospital visit, such as how to get here and what to expect as an outpatient or inpatient."

and Project Smile:

"To help ensure our maternity patients are treated with dignity and respect, we have created a short training film to raise awareness of how different behaviours might look and feel to women. The film will be used in mandatory training sessions for all doctors and midwives."

Good find from Kate!

Hello Health

America's Hello Health is a revolutionary new experience with your neighborhood doctor. They mix office and online visits to give you personal attention when and how you want it. 809233_62991332

"Once upon a time, going to your doctor was simple. You knew his first name, or perhaps just called him “Doc.” He lived just down the street and made house calls. And if you were sick, you would see him that day, because, well, you were sick.

Then things started to change. Although medicine has made some amazing advances in keeping us healthy, we now have to contend with dietitians, insurance premiums, running shoes, deductibles, HMOs, OTC drugs, specialists, fat-free salad dressing, and therapists. Daunting, isn't it?

But don't worry, we've made going to the doctor easy again. Hello Health serves as your old-fashioned neighborhood doctor, remodeled for today's lifestyle— an experience found nowhere else in health care. And, on top of being accessible and affordable, we focus on you, as a real live, busy person.

We can do all that because we love technology, the Internet, and especially our iPhones. You can talk to us like you're talking to a friend: through emails, texts, phone calls, instant messages, or face-to-face conversations. Also, everything's online, from making appointments to accessing your records.

It also helps we're close by, living and working in your neighborhood. We like talking with you and spending the right amount of time with everyone. We believe that good communication in a close relationship— whether you're feeling fit or not feeling well— is what keeps you at your best."

A service site that is clear, simple and honest. I hope the health industry is ready to catch up.