Every picture tells a story

This technique was devised to help my understanding of Narrow Casting. These pictures show my journey - from home to getting my ticket for Amsterdam Centraal. I intend to show the journey in terms of emotion as well - when are you most vulnerable? when are you most confused? when do you relax a little? Analysing my own journeys like this will assist in my understanding of the way travelers behave...

These show the people I interacted with, who I spoke to, the physical touch points and the environment I was in.

Ethnography at Osdorp Plein

My task today : to explore the west of amsterdam, where the majority of the stakeholders within the Ports Of Amsterdam brief live. My journey from Almere consisted of getting a train to Amsterdam Centaal, then the tram to Osdorp Plein. This journey in itself is similar to the journey a worker of the Ports may have to take. So I documented my journey, focusing on modes of public and private transportation - bus, tram , motorcycle, moped, metro and train. As well as facilities available to assist travellers - staff, signs, maps, information desks, stairs and lifts...

Thinking throughout this day was focused on observing behaviour and characters in specific areas. What kind of people use certain transportation? How do people interact within such environments? Are people unhappy or smiling? How does the atmosphere change from station to station?