The first Nordic conference on service design.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design presents the first Nordic conference on service design. norway_flag

Day 1: The business case for Service Design

The first day of the conference will focus upon the businesss case for Service Design, showcasing projects, results and potential. It will include keynote speakers from the design industry and from service driven industries - both public and private sector.

Day 2: A crossover day, encouraging dialogue and learning, through workshops and tutorials

The second day will offer workshops, tutorials and an exhibition to encourage dialogue between disciplines and industries. This gives the opportunity to discuss the area of service design and to learn from others - design professionals, researchers or service providers.

Day 3: Research papers highlighting Service Design research

The third day will present completed and ongoing research projects that relate to Service Design. The Nordic countries seem to be taking a leading role in researching the relation design has to services, and several large scale projects will report their findings on this day. Read more about submitting papers here.

"We strongly believe that Service Design can improve the competitive ability of the Nordic service sector, and have established this conference to show how this can be done. The Nordic countries have contributed in a major way to  the recent development of Service Design, and there are several consultancies, courses and projects that are already established in the area. We feel that it is time to bring together key people, to showcase results and establish a dialogue, so that we can accelerate its growth.

We see the potential to create a Nordic Service Design network, that brings together business, marketing, design and technology expertise with a common goal to create better services and service experiences. This conference takes the first steps towards this."