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THE LAB innovates public services.

"The pressure on our public services has never been greater. Traditional thinking isn't giving us solutions to deal with the scale and nature of the challenges we're facing in the 21st century - challenges such as climate change, rising levels of immigration, and an aging population. We need to act, and soon, if Britain is to remain a thriving place to live, work and socialise."


"Without bold new approaches, our public services will be over-stretched by the short-term demands of the recession and overwhelmed by the long-term challenges of the future.  What alternative to radical innovation do we have?"

The future of Social Media

This amazing video was created by Christian Payne. It is a compilation of many short interviews carried at the Amplified08 held at NESTA in November. It asks just that one simple question... picture-2

The voice that I share is that of Lolyd Davis from the Tuttle Club

"More people doing more interesting things, connecting with each other all over the world to enable them to do interesting stuff together in the real world."

So we can expect "more content and more conversations" as well as "more services, better services..."

I completely agree with the notion that Social Media attracts enthusiasm and passion. So what do you think the future will be?

Don't miss the boat!

Via Nesta