Social Animals

Picture 17 Social Animals: Tomorrow's designers in today's world was released on Monday, written by the inspirational Sophia Parker.

This is the most relevant and worthwhile report I have read recently. It is a must read for all designers who are on a social mission, students, design educators...the list goes on.

The paper addresses:

"The tensions and contradictions of service design: the most appreciable design movement of our times."

The reality that social design is a mind set  not a curriculum reinforces the core of my Masters project "A guide to a new mindset" .

I believe it is important that students realise it is not about product design or service design it is about good design with a social brief. I was intriguied to discover that only 6% of UK Design Firms focus soley on service...not quite sure how I feel about that statistic.

Social Animals has been causing quite a stir although has received some criticism from Kenneth Fitzgerald who tweeted about the "Jargon, buzzwords, wild generalizations, the obvious restated"

What do you think?