mapping journey

Journey Planner

An interactive website called Map24 is an excellent tool for mapping out journeys. You can then follow your chosen route through the map 3-Dimensionally and with satellite view. My first journey I mapped out was from

Osdorp Plein, 1068 Amsterdam, The Netherlands to

Nieuw- Zeelandweg, 1045 Amsterdam, The Neteherlands

This is the typical journey a worker of the Ports would travel everyday. Most of the journeys I researched were all under 20 minutes. This is travelling by car, most of our stakeholders would not travel to work by car so I must find a way of researching the journeys involving public transport.

This article talks about the service called the Westpoort Bus. I shall be experiencing this service myself, hopefully sometime this week. This will give me a key insight into the workers daily routine as well as a platform for comparison for when I carry out my journey to the factories.