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Post Letters

A new letter writing campaign has been launched: Post Letters.org

Everyone who knows me will tell you that letter writing is something very close to my heart. Infact, I feel very strongly about it...I love it!  My honours project Douceurs was recently entered into the RSA competition: After the Post Office. Douceurs is a service that enables people to send letters to the future, and it is now featured on the home page of Post Letters.org.


So let's join the campaign to promote letter writing! Post Letters promotes letter writing as a pleasure that improves you, the community and the whole world. They use Web 2.0 technology to encourage pre-Web activity.

Post Letters is a UK-based, worldwide movement to encourage, promote and take delight in the activity of writing letters and sending post. Both a call to action and a description of our time, Post Letters needs your help.

"We bring people together to think about Post in the Twenty First Century, organise letter readings and writings, present you with new ideas for your post, commission artists and writers to produce new mail art, produce Post Events and much more besides"