Have your say on community service

The public can now vote online for community work they want offenders to carry out in their area. A website enables people to log in to their local probation service and suggest ideas for community work where they live.

This development enhances a number of pilot Community Payback schemes which were already up and running, including in Bradford.


They are growing produce to supply homeless hostels and vulnerable groups, as well as gaining qualifications in horticulture. Criminals who are sentenced to such community orders have to wear bright orange jackets marked with the words Community Payback so the public can see that offenders are paying them back for their crimes.

The Ministry of Justice believes the scheme gives the public a say in punishments and aims to encourage more public involvement in the justice system.

“We are determined to open up the justice system. People have a right to know what offenders are doing in their neighbourhood to repay for their wrongs.”

Although no link to the website in question to be found?