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The Studio Unbound - LIVE

The Studio Unbound has generated a fantastic response from practitioners, students and tutors. You can watch the presentation here.


The Studio Unbound: Social Networking and Design Education from Jonathan Baldwin on Vimeo.

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Writing on design

I am reading about Design Criticism. Asking the question do designers get the critics we deserve ? picture-44

To address this problem a new MA course in Design Writing/Criticism has been developed. My lovely friend Kate is a student on this course, I am very excited by the opportunities it presents for design writing.

I have always been fascinated by design journalism.  In meeting the career advisor at high school, it seemed like a logical career path for me - combing my passion for design and writing.

This is a conversation I have been having for a long time with Jonathan - an author who believes "the key to being a good writer is having something to say". His post "Designers Don't Write...Bullshit" highlights:

"The idea that writing and design are somehow mutually exclusive is the sort of crap that really should be challenged. Designers write. End of story. So if you're not writing, you should be..."

Where can a design student go to learn about becoming a design writer? Where are the job opportunities?

"We need to create a place where the act of writing and criticism can be explored and pushed through the act of design."

If you are a designer -  do you write?  should you write? and why?...

Keep posted

Back to blogging after an unusual week with no laptop! During some quality family time I happily wrote a letter, received a letter and read a book :) My London adventure was a great success. I was lucky enough to visit the ThinkPublic studio, and I have been invited to spend a month working for the team next April. I cannot wait to be part of such an exciting place; where lots of different people and ideas come together to make a real difference!

I have been invited to be a contributor to the Design Studies blog: a design news blog from the University of Dundee. The main author of this blog is my friend and mentor Jonathan Baldwin, a lecturer in Design,History, Theory and Practice as well as an expert on visual culture and design education.

The Tipping Point

I read this excellent book whilst researching for my dissertation "An Exploration into the Evolving field of Service Design."

Jonathan Baldwin is giving my Masters Class a lecture on the book next week. So I thought I would revisit the key points and themes to refresh my memory...perhaps think up some tricky questions to ask :)

A visualisation of my thinking on the key points I took away with me from reading.

I belive the revelations, ideas theories explored in this book are directly related to Service Design developing as a new field. Here is an extract from my dissertation which was influenced by reading the tipping point:

"Changes that have lifted services to a new ranking: considering changes in product culture, changes in living circumstances, mentality of consumers and changes in companies. To truly understand why things change it is crucial to reflect on how they should change."

Tayside Bike Service

Thank you to Jonathan for letting me know about the new Tayside cycle hire scheme. This service fits in well with my thinkings in my earlier post about cycling not being a 'hot topic' for politicians. It seems the politicians of Dundee are working hard for the cause!

Dundee is set to join Barcelona, Paris and Stockholm by introducing a self-service cycle hire scheme.

People would be able to pick up a bike at places like the train or bus station then drop it off at certain points across the city.

Riders could use the bike for free for half an hour, then rent it for longer.

The project will be funded by a £2.1m Scottish Government grant for a range of schemes aimed at encouraging people to use cars less.

These schemes will make a real difference, making transport choices cheaper, healthier, safer and greener
Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson