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Jeff Howard from Design For Service has created a new initiative:

"Service Design Books is a co-created library of recommended reading for service designers. It’s a community website. Anyone can add a book to the library and add ratings, tags or comments to help people make sense of an emerging field.

There are over forty books in the collection from a dozen different curators but that’s just the beginning. For this initiative to thrive it’ll need a little more help. Take a look at the collection and add your perspective. If you’ve read one of the books take a moment to rate it and if you think other service designers should read it as well then second the recommendation.

It’s easy to add your own picks to the collection. Just type a book title or an ISBN code to import a book. It should take less than a minute and you can always go back later and edit the information. The site is open to everyone."

Service designers draw inspiration from across disciplines and that means that a raw list isn’t always enough of a roadmap for people to triage unfamiliar reading. I think this could be very valuable, especially for students! This is a chance to devour all the books out there and ask questions to the people who submitted them about what they learned! This is something that I battled with throughout my dissertation "An Exploration into the Evolving field of Service Design" three years ago and Service Design Books wouldn't have been the brain child of a university librarian. That's why this field is so exciting and different in my eyes... I also think Service Design Books would add great value to Making Service Sense.

Let's make this the best it could be and share what we read and why!

joe heapy puts pen to paper

A new service design publication is on it's way next summer... Service Design: A design for new challenges written by Joe Heapy, co-founder and director of Engine. I met Joe at  Service Design Drinks in February, he recently collaborated with Demos to research and publish, The Journey to the Interface, a pamphlet setting out the role of user-centred approaches to service design in the public sector. Picture 22

"In Service Design, Joe Heapy looks at the ways people use services, the ways innovative organisations across sectors are now looking to develop the services we use; and the new needs that they've created for us. The author identifies the reasons why organisations need to adopt new methods to develop their understanding of how services work and how to go about designing really good ones; and the importance of designing services with and not just for people.

Service Design outlines Engine's approach to innovating and designing services and that of other design and non-design organisations. The author identifies trends in the design of services and the big issues and opportunities that are shaping the services that we use."

Thank you to Jeff for discovery!

Graham just reminded me - why is it hundreds of dollars? Very inaccessible...