Snook are going to Scotweb2

On Friday Snook are going to the Third Annual ScotWeb2 event in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The event is aimed at people of all ages to come and share their experience of collaboration on the internet...that means YOU!

This event is aimed at the following folks:

  • Central government, local government, NHS and other public sector employees
  • School children and their teachers ; students ; those in their middle age and the older generation
  • ICT people ; teachers ; life-long learners ; communications ; marketing ; PR
  • ICT Developers. programmers ; social media ; digital enablers
  • Campaigners from NGO and third sector
  • Public, private and third sector employees
  • Business and social enterprises
  • Academics ; students ; FE and HE

The event showcases enterprising, innovative and entrepreneurial behaviours in the web 2 world:

  • Stewart Kirkpatrick talk about Scotland's first on-line newspaper The Caledonian Mercury,
  • Mike McTernan on mobile devices and the web
  • The City of Edinburgh Council web team on their work with new CMS and Jadu,
  • Nokia on mobile trends
  • Iain Henderson on Vendor Relationship Management and Personal Data Stores from Mydex,
  • Peter Ashe on the NHS user-centred long term conditions project ALISS ( tip top -can't wait for this one ;)

"This time we focus on individuals, organisations, communities, social enterprise, businesses, local and central government, and other public sector agencies working with web 2.0 to grow a sustainable economy and deliver public services and public value to the people of Scotland.In the afternoon we will have more of an Un-conference feel with suggestions and discussions primed by participants"

If all these types of people turn up it is going to be a good one. We will be having conversations about:

  • Social media and how it is used
  • How to set up social media options and advocate for change
  • Engaging with different generations
  • Is social media helping people make connections and feel happier ?

The organiser, Alex Stobart, is keen to involve students and graduates in the event - please get in touch with him and come along. He is brilliant and the event will be too. It makes sense.

The geography of online

"The internet is vast. Bigger than a city, bigger than a country, maybe as big as the universe. It's expanding by the second. No one has seen its borders. And the internet is intangible, like spirits and angels. The web is an immense ghost land of disembodied places. Who knows if you are even there, there.

Yet everyday we navigate through this ethereal realm for hours on end and return alive. We must have some map in our head.

I've become very curious about the maps people have in their minds when they enter the internet. So I've been asking people to draw me a map of the internet as they see it. That's all. More than 50 people of all ages and levels of expertise have mapped their geography of online."



See them all here

Download a blank pdf and submit your own map.