Empower your softspot

"Softspot is an initiative that provides designers with the information and inspiration by which they can solve contemporary issues and educate the masses about the solutions designers provide for a more perfect and healthy world.picture-71 Ultimately, the Softspot wants to enable more designers to be actively involved in creating a higher quality of life. To make this dream come true,  we are working to provide an establishment and publication that will inspire, inform and initiate positive social change. We all have a soft spot. Our goal is to empower yours."

A fantastic project exploring design for social change.

What inspires you?

Sir Ken Robinson tells us what inspires him:


Who made you the person you are today? As Sir Ken says, it is important we recognise our own talents and see the role that other people play in helping us discover them.

This got me thinking about the people that inspire me. Happy people inspire me - just yesterday a lady walked past me in the street singing...My mum is the happiest person I know, she is bundle of energy with a smile that never fades.  I am the person I am today because she taught me how to be confident being myself. When I was little my mum taught me about communication; how to stand up tall and tell my story. This has inspired me to be where I am today. Who inspires you?

Do something

"The aim is to spread the knowledge as much and as far as possible. My feeling is that knowledge needs to be shared. Ideas need oxygen. The internet provides that oxygen. So if you see a talk that really inspires you, you will send it on to a friend. Good ideas spread quickly. Great ideas spread even faster. I believe in ideas. I believe in the people who have them. I believe great ideas can change the world. I believe in the energy that makes those ideas happen. So I believe in Do." picture-1

The idea is a simple one. The people who Do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things too.

Are you a doer or a don'ter?