Facts about the Ports

Amsterdam Ports is an international logistics complex. The prime objective of the Ports is to stimulate economic activity and employment. Currently over 62,700 people work in there. Annually 70 million tons of goods are shipped through the port and it currently ranks fourth on the list of European Ports. It is made of four ports located along the North Sea Canal - Ijmuiden, Beverwijk, Zaanstad and Amsterdam. They have a favourable location close to the sea and excellent connections to the hinterland via water, road and rail - their proximity to Schipol Airport makes the port an ideal location for international business.

The ports are striving for sustainable development in the port. The port can only further develop into a prosperous port and industrial area if a fine balance between economy and ecology is achieved.

These facts have improved my understanding to the Ports problem. It is no secret that they have tried many ways of encouraging people from the west to work there and service design is their last resort. We must show them what Service Designers can do for the problems of society!