i am public service

I am public service

"I am public servic.org not only highlights the importance of public service, it provides a vital venue for public servants to share their stories about transforming public service from within - stories that illustrate how the knowledge, ingenuity and skills ofa diverse and talented public service can be harnessed to fundamentally reshape how governments provide homeland security, healthcare, education and countless other public services." Anthony D. Williams (co-author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything) picture-3

Download the first e-book for "I am Public Service" as PDF here.

I am Public Service

i am public serviceIampublicservice.org is a U.S website dedicated to sharing the stories of people who work in government, and seeks to change the unfavourable perception of the public sector personnel. Watch the project video on Vimeo.

In the UK we have a similar project Public Service thank you, created by ThinkPublic. Public Service Thank You!

Who would you say thank you to? I can't help but think of postmen and women... especially at this time of year!

Thanks to Cassie Robinson for sharing these sites with me!