#22 The Service Designer

Sarah Drummond needs no introduction on here :) - my co-founder at Snook, founder of Cycle Hack and the women I've spent the last six years trying to change the world with. I can't wait to welcome Sarah to Hyper Island to work with the students. Here's what she has to say...

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt over the last year?

Let people fail in order to improve and don't tell them how to be better, ask them what they think, what they think could be better, why they did things the way they did them and how they would do them differently.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 16.51.44 What’s your burning question of the moment?

What is the role of small design consultancies in a future where the capability is being spread throughout education, free online and embedded into large organisations and brought in house.  What will the new small design boutiques need to become and how will they adapt?

What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen/ heard/ read in the last year?

I was teaching in Amsterdam, and the tutor Karen, her sister was involved in the Bali boat sinking.  She spent 50 hours at sea in the ocean, where white sharks operate, there were storms and she didn't have a life jacket.  There was a dozen people some who didn't make it, she treaded water and held on for her life.  She talked to her sister about seeing a volcano erupt from a far, holding onto drift wood and looking at the stars in the sky feeling she was in paradise ready to die.  I feel quite affected by this and inspired that when she was ready to let go she said, her body kicked into survival mode.  I'm fascinated by this and inspired by human being's resilience.

What would be your one piece of advice to students on Hyper Island’s new MA in Digital Experience Design?

Look around you.  Every single thing from product to service to system to political system can be changed.  It's not easy but never forget that everything around you is made by another human being and the only way to change it is to collaborate with others and have a vision.

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