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A Berkshire hospital has launched a round-the-clock service to treat heart attack patients.

Ambulance crews will now take patients with blocked arteries straight to Royal Berkshire Hospital's cardiac unit for an emergency angioplasty day or night.

It follows a successful pilot project, and patients will normally be treated within an hour of suffering symptoms of a heart attack. Launched on 1 April, the service has so far successfully treated four patients. The procedure sees a catheter with a deflated balloon at its tip inserted into any blockage in the artery.


A spokesman for the hospital trust said: "The hospital has been running the angioplasty service for a few months now during daytime hours and took the decision to make the service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Hello Health

America's Hello Health is a revolutionary new experience with your neighborhood doctor. They mix office and online visits to give you personal attention when and how you want it. 809233_62991332

"Once upon a time, going to your doctor was simple. You knew his first name, or perhaps just called him “Doc.” He lived just down the street and made house calls. And if you were sick, you would see him that day, because, well, you were sick.

Then things started to change. Although medicine has made some amazing advances in keeping us healthy, we now have to contend with dietitians, insurance premiums, running shoes, deductibles, HMOs, OTC drugs, specialists, fat-free salad dressing, and therapists. Daunting, isn't it?

But don't worry, we've made going to the doctor easy again. Hello Health serves as your old-fashioned neighborhood doctor, remodeled for today's lifestyle— an experience found nowhere else in health care. And, on top of being accessible and affordable, we focus on you, as a real live, busy person.

We can do all that because we love technology, the Internet, and especially our iPhones. You can talk to us like you're talking to a friend: through emails, texts, phone calls, instant messages, or face-to-face conversations. Also, everything's online, from making appointments to accessing your records.

It also helps we're close by, living and working in your neighborhood. We like talking with you and spending the right amount of time with everyone. We believe that good communication in a close relationship— whether you're feeling fit or not feeling well— is what keeps you at your best."

A service site that is clear, simple and honest. I hope the health industry is ready to catch up.

Service thinking in the NHS

Livework's Ben Reason applies service thinking to recently published NHS report  High Quality Care for All by Lord Darzi. On Saturday night, my eyes were opened to the vast difference between the accident and emergency services offered in Scotland and England. The latter offering an appalling 'service'...

The prime minister introduces the report: "Lord Darzi’s report is a tremendous opportunity to build an NHS that provides truly world class services for all. It requires Government to be serious about reform, committed to trusting frontline staff and ready to invest in new services and new ways of delivering services. It is a bold vision for an NHS which is among the best healthcare systems in the world – a once in a generation opportunity that we owe it to ourselves and our families to take."


"... services need to be more effectively designed around the needs of children and families, delivered not just in health settings but also in schools and children’s centres."

"Let’s make the shift to service thinking, embrace personalization and start designing for Darzi."

This is article represents the huge challenge that service designers face. it also portray the urgency for change and the true understanding of patient experience.