EASY COUNCIL: Council inspired by Ryanair

The Guardian reports: "A leading Conservative council is using the business model of budget airlines, Ryanair and easyJet, to inspire a radical reform of public service provision which is being seen as a blueprint for Tory government." How does this work? Well, would you pay extra to get your planning permission quicker? The council will offer a basic service and enable people to get more if they pay extra. The same way you get on the plane first if you pay Ryanair a little more.


This scheme is already in place in the London Borough of Barnett and it is predicted that other councils think this is the approach they will need to adopt in the future.

The article has ruffled many feathers:

"Well, it's being called choice, and targeting, but what it means is, there's to be a fast service with trimmings for the richer, and a longer wait for a basic service for the poorer.Presumably this will eventually be the model for the NHS as well..."

"Is it simply that someone with more money can get something better - that's what's money for."

I think this is a really interesting debate...although I can't help but think there is something very wrong with using Ryanair as a role model?

Thank you to Jonathan for discovery.