Studio Unbound III calls all jewellers

There has been chatter on twitter about Studio Unbound III, which is happening at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, on Monday afternoon. I am co-presenting alongside Kate Pickering, known as Katesjewellery online, Kate is a forward thinking jeweller and a wonderful friend of mine. She has very openly shared her feelings about her first encounter with Studio Unbound and shared how her perception of networking online has amazing example of a jeweller from a traditional discipline is embracing what Studio Unbound stands for.


For those of you who are new to this initiative you can watch the first Studio Unbound that happened in February at The University of Dundee. Read about the second Studio Unbound that happened last month at Glasgow School of Art


Kate Andrews and Sarah Drummond will be tweeting from our virtual audience  – join in on twitter with the tag #studiounbound and follow us live!

See you at 2pm on Monday, Matthew Building 5016...

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If you would like us to talk to your class or your students please get in touch and say hello.

Young, Talented & Working for Free

Interns Anonymous has been set up by two graduates currently working as unpaid interns. Their website is a forum for interns to share their experiences and discuss the ethics of unpaid employment. Most importantly, this site is a place where YOU can tell your story. This video is focused on internships within politics: "Youth unemployment is at record levels: young people across the UK are increasingly turning to internships to improve their chances of winning that lucrative first job. There are currently no rules governing internships in the UK, leading to accusations of exploitation and elitism. See what a few young people think about internships and employment in the UK."

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The topic of free internships is a conversation I often have. Every time a designer does works for free they are devaluing themselves and their discipline. It is a topical issue and unfortunately remains so in the field of Service Design. For example, Live|Work recently advertised for an intern to work unpaid on a social farming networking project.

However, Adrian Shaughnessy argued in Design Week this month that we shouldn’t forget to give something back:

We designers are quick to grumble about sharp practices – free-pitching and a cavalier approach towards intellectual property spring to mind. But we can only claim moral superiority if our attitude to interns is beyond reproach. If we refuse to pay for their services, or if we pay them a fee, but neglect to devote time or effort to advancing their knowledge, we are no better than Hammond or all those unscrupulous clients.

When I had a studio, I always paid interns. I didn’t pay much, but I paid something, and I always made sure that I spent time with each one. Sometimes they had to do the sandwich run or make the tea, but I never asked anyone to pick up my dry cleaning. I’m sure there are a few designers who didn’t get my full attention and left without much discernable increase in their knowledge. But I’ve met quite a few of them since and I haven’t been punched yet. There’s still time, I suppose.

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Studio Unbound II

There has been chatter on twitter about Studio Unbound II, which is happening at Glasgow School of Art tonight. studiounbound_card1sq

For those of you who are new to this initiative you can watch the first Studio Unbound that happened in February at The University of Dundee.

Founded in 2009 by University of Dundee Master of Design graduate Lauren Currie (@Redjotter), and design writer and consultant Kate Andrews (@kateandrews), the Studio Unbound is an initiative aiming to introduce students, graduates and educators to the creative power of social media.

Together as Studio Unbound, Kate and Lauren explore the power of digital networking, demonstrating tools that students can use to move ideas forward, form networks with practitioners around the world, and build a reputation before and after graduation.

In highlighting creative people all over the world using social networking to their advantage, Studio Unbound discuss the dynamic, conversational value of new communication technologies and illustrate how ideas of teaching and learning need to move away from the confines of the classroom or studio towards other, often ad-hoc and virtual venues.

Focusing on the ever growing possibilities and opportunities that the digital world presents, Studio Unbound demonstrate that during a time of mass communication change, design courses must change with it if they are to stay relevant.

Studio Unbound is not all about Twitter or Facebook, but about breaking down preconceptions of social media technologies, into an incredible value system that can enable us all to find both an individual voice, and collaborative practice.


“A great designer understands that search and discovery is an on-going process that is at the heart of what makes us human. We spend our lives searching for people we share a strong sense of connection with. Designers must join that search.” - Desiree Collier, 2009. Design Week. The Joy of Search.


Joining Studio Unbound since October 2009, is Social Innovation Camp winner Sarah Drummond (@rufflemuffin). On October 8th 2009, Lauren and Sarah will run a Studio Unbound lecture at Glasgow School of Art, with Kate joining from London via Skype.

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Join our facebook group and keep an eye on our blog which is still in the making but looking promising... :)

Kate Pickering, a forward thinking jeweller will be tweeting from the audience tonight - join in on twitter with the tag #studiounbound and follow us live!

See you tonight at 6pm, Bourdon Lecture Theatre...

Making Service Sense


Last Friday, 11th September I had a remarkable day! Firstly, I discovered I had been awarded a distinction for my MDes degree! ...and secondly the exhibition of my work opened at Dundee University.

Making Service Sense is a service I have created hypothetically created during my MDes programme and with these foundations intend to turn into a reality. Making Service Sense offers young graduates a new way of accessing the world of service design, through a variety of methods and mediums.

The five core objectives:

1. To act as a knowledge bank.
2. To offer vibrant and relevant insights into the industry.
3. To provide a comprehensive pathway into service design.
4. To build connections between practitioners and graduates.
5. To grow and develop in a co-design manner - with the help of its users.

For the week of the Master of Design show Making Service Sense was articulated through a brand (logo design by Chris Clarke), a pack of 40 case study postcards, business cards, a process map, a 200 page design synthesis (all designed by Kate Andrews) and an interactive exhibition space!


The exhibition space had four elements:

1. Take a seat
2. Join the conversation
3. Ask the industry
4. Read about the service

The space was conceptually designed to mimic what happens in this web space, in that my catalysts fuel further questions. On Friday evening, I harvested questions in real time - I put a question out to the service design community via twitter, but no one at the exhibition needed to touch a computer. I acted as a filter between the complexity of questioning about service design vs. industry experience vs. internet information. This is more than being a moderator it is about being a facilitator. I am the service design filter. I am Making Service Sense.


So what is next?

I have learnt a lot over the past 12 months and hope to visit universities to talk about Redjotter and the journey I have been on during my MDes. I have also been invited by Tamsin at Engine to share Making Service Sense with the team in London next month!