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"In short we are here to get feedback on government services. The PublicExperience project is currently in a pilot stage. We are funded by the Ministry of Justice through their Innovation Fund and hosted by mySociety."

Would it be better if...

"People could request that Public services communicated with them by telephone or email (not by letter).

I am a young professional. I rent, and in the past 6 years I have lived in 4 different shared houses/flats. However, I have had the same mobile phone number and email address.

My post is shared and not that secure to be honest. At the last flat I lived in we had a problem with teenagers stealing the post.

It would be far more secure (and environmentally friendly) for any important information to come to me by text or email. And I have access to this 24 hours a day!

I was recently 'de-registered' from my GP practice without any notification. I had moved 5 minutes away and hadn't had time to change my address. Presumably they had sent a letter, that I hadn't received."

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