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Bob Cooper talks Service

Bob Cooper, founder and CEO of Frontier Service Design, has released videos from a recent panel discussion related to the origins and purpose of service design. Each video is approximately 2 minutes in length and range in topic from the high level need for service design in today’s economy to specific tactics used in understanding our client’s customers. [youtube=]

Interesting little snap shots into the way Frontier thinks!

Service Design goes Pink*

Pink* Although many companies are seemingly practicing service design, or elements of the discipline, there are few who are wholly brand themselves as service designers. However, Frontier Design recently announced they were the first service design firm in the US... so I am eagerly awaiting more information from this very interesting group of people! What an exciting development for Service Design! Head Service Designer Joel Bailey echoed my opinion.

Thanks to Elliot's comment, I have discovered Pink*, a service design company based in Pennsylvania, founded in August 2008. Although their website is not completed, it is simple, informative and beautiful. I love that 'SEE' is part of their process: "we work with you and your stakeholders to understand the problem space from varied perspectives." I really look forward to learning more about Pink*!

Service Firm in US

Yesterday saw the launch of the first Service Design firm in the U.S. (thanks for the link Kate)


"Service design is a well-defined discipline in Europe, but Frontier Service Design is the first firm in the United States to focus exclusively on this growing trend"


I would have liked to have seen a few killer images on the press release. I also echo Nick's opinion that we need to see some case studies, biographies and evidence!! Only time will tell.

Nevertheless, a very exciting development! In the spirit of Douceurs, I think I may write them a letter...