fergus bisset

Service Designers Cast your vote

At this very moment Service Designers from all over the world are voting, debating and discussing. Joel Bailey has set up a forum to capture the online conversation about next years Service Design Network Conference. joel_baily_service_design

The location of the event, accessibility and content are the main thread of chatter. The way our online community lives and breathes is something that has been on my  mind alot lately. Particularly, as it was one of the main influences of MakingServiceSense and the reality that things are changing, the landscape is shifting at such a dramatic pace.

Here is a snapshot of a very insightful chat  Fergus Bisset and I had about this very topic...

"What of that value our networks provide? Beyond the obvious pleasure that sharing links, drinks and thoughts provide, or the joys of discoursing with like minded individuals? How are we formalising the value that each of us takes away from these interactions? How is it guiding our autonomous activities, how is it intertwining itself with our ‘personal’ thoughts, dreams and ambitions? As Shirky, Leadbetter and many others have highlighted, social connectivity can be such a powerful driver and influencer how can we be sure we’re heading in the right direction?"


I think this is brilliant and a definite leap in the right direction. Hopefully, the network is listening to this conversation - the overriding message to you is 'practice what you preach'...