fab lab

Fab Lab

Discovering the Fab Lab was interesting, it encompasses many tools (CNC machines, Rapid Prototyping machines and Laser Cutters) that I became familiar with studying Product Design. MIT transformed these machines and the potential for innovation they possess into a service. Fab Labs can be found as far away as Norway and Ghana, and the output can be practical or whimsical.

This article from Wired, describes some of the interesting projects that have happened at the Labs. I liked the project from the teenager called "ScreamBody" -- a backpack-sized wearable air chamber into which someone can voice a muffled scream in a public place. The scream is recorded for subsequent "release" in private.

They have opened a new Fab Lab in Texel, an island near Den Helder, where the End of the World is. DesignThinkers intend to work with them to assist in how to best offer this very unique service. It is a very new idea with huge potential, which is growing and developing...the perfect platform for Service Design.

This chair was built by students at the Barcelona Fab Lab.

Watch a video of an electronic creation at Fab Lab in action here.

Learn about the class 'How to make almost anything' here. They let ordinary people create technology.

"There are so many people with such interesting inventions and great ideas" Neil Gershenfeld, Director.