How do you get in and get on in Service Design?

Design Week suggests  Young people need more information about creative industries. The comments are the most relevant and important part - including those by Sarah and Jonathan.

I have a question to ask those of you who are students | undergrads | postgrads | graduates | interns | ex-students..

Where do you go to find out how to get in and get on in the world of Service Design?


p.s if the answer if negative - 'I wish i knew' or there  is ' no where to go' that is ok too!

*The 'unpaid internship' issue mentioned in the article deserves a post of it's very own - coming soon!

New breed of benefit busters

The government is attempting to revolutionise the benefits system. On Thursday night Channel 4 aired the first of a documentary series that follows people on both sides of the new welfare state. Two of the programmes show A4e helping single mothers in Doncaster and long-term unemployed people in Hull. Picture 23

The idea is that the government rewards private sector companies and charities for getting claimants into work.

“At the moment anyone unemployed for more than six months is mandated to attend 30 hour programmes for 13 weeks to update their job skills. For some this is not nearly enough - they need help with literacy, improving their confidence and often tackling serious problems such as alcohol abuse.  For others, they have hit a patch of bad luck and may only need a few hours of direction and encouragement to find a good job."

Emma Harrison is the chairman of A4e and features in the series - describing the new program as a 'together thing' rather than a 'we are going to do this to you / for you' thing. The way Emma described her approach really struck a chord with me, echoing that of service design practitioners :

"We want to work alongside people who want our help and together we find a way forward.By absolutely listening to everyone on the front and coming back and telling all the people at the top ( the people who make the big decisions ) what I have heard, what I have smelled, what I have touched, who I have had a chat with...that's how I do what I do."

As an avid blogger Emma recently invited her readers to "make a movie about your day - a customers day - something uplifting that will inspire others - something that shows something good happening. Use your phone, a camera - frankly it does not have to be fancy!" I love this idea - connecting with real people living their day to day life. Hopefully, some of the entries will be on their site soon!

Emma also facilitates regular informal meetings with her staff every month; 'Tea with Emma'. I am excited and inspired my her approach - using her people skills to tackle a social problem.

I believe that nobody should live in poverty and claimants should get help with essentials like food, clothes, electricity and heat. Cash should not be handed out the way it is. No one should be wealthier claiming benefits than out in the workplace. It is clear that our current benefit system isn't working.

Watch the next episode on Thursday.

Self service job centre

The School of Life is reinventing itself as an alternative job centre throughout April. "We're inviting turning the usual way jobs are advertised on its head. Rather than invite employers to advertise jobs for us to squeeze our ourselves into, we’re inviting you to write  an ad for the job of your dreams, and let employers decide if they are able to offer it to you"


The instructions are simple:

Write your personal job ad, which advertises to the world the kind of person you are and what you care about.

Make sure that your ad includes:

•  Your name or pseudonym (and maybe a personal motto) •  Personal qualities •  Talents •  Values and ambitions •  Anything else you wish (e.g. I want a job that where I laugh a lot, would like to use my Spanish, work abroad, expected salary) •  How you can be contacted

Send in your ads via the blog, or e-mail them to info@theschooloflife.com.

This is an exciting and very apt idea. Looking forward to reading the entries and submitting my own!