John Grant talks Systems and Services

Greengaged: Co-opportunityCo-opportunity: A Day for World Builders takes place on the September 22, 2009, 9:00am to 6:00pm at The Design Council.

"With a focus on the emerging structures of service design, John Grant has curated a day looking at systems; why they fail and how we can redesign them to work more effectively. Team up with John and brainstorm new sustainable business models for the banking system, presenting them to the dragon’s den!

It is now impossible to ignore the continual rise and impact of new service networks; from Freecycle, Wikipedia and city car clubs through to transition towns. So, how can the design industry apply an approach of ‘holistic system design’ to benefit topical commercial issues, such as the bank crisis, for example?

Co-opportunity is about how co-operative, community systems have the potential to build a more sustainable, resilient, prosperous society at all levels – working for the common good.

The day contains a rich set of case studies from the pioneers of new systems and experts in collaboration who will feed you with amazing new insight, ideas, and system-based models. In John’s engaging approach to workshops you will learn about co-operative systems by actually creating solution – starting with the world’s financial banking system – as an example of the power of systems redesign.

Co-opportunity is the title of John Grant’s next book, to be released later this year by Wiley."

Looks awesome and it's free to attend! Will you be going?