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Designers are writers

William Bostwick has written an article at Core77: How (Not) to write like a Designer. "My goal is to get designers thinking more about writing the way writers do—as a tool, a craft, and yes, an art in its own right—rather than a necessary chore"


"You’re a designer, which means you’re good at the same kinds of things writers are good at, but you use different tools. Write about yourself, write a story, write real words, don’t write too much."

Writing on design

I am reading about Design Criticism. Asking the question do designers get the critics we deserve ? picture-44

To address this problem a new MA course in Design Writing/Criticism has been developed. My lovely friend Kate is a student on this course, I am very excited by the opportunities it presents for design writing.

I have always been fascinated by design journalism.  In meeting the career advisor at high school, it seemed like a logical career path for me - combing my passion for design and writing.

This is a conversation I have been having for a long time with Jonathan - an author who believes "the key to being a good writer is having something to say". His post "Designers Don't Write...Bullshit" highlights:

"The idea that writing and design are somehow mutually exclusive is the sort of crap that really should be challenged. Designers write. End of story. So if you're not writing, you should be..."

Where can a design student go to learn about becoming a design writer? Where are the job opportunities?

"We need to create a place where the act of writing and criticism can be explored and pushed through the act of design."

If you are a designer -  do you write?  should you write? and why?...