design for the world

Design For The World

"Every juncture of information creation, storage, retrieval, distribution and use entails design. If we think about this, it is clear that there should be no profession in higher demand than that of a designer: the potential application of design skills, and the need for those skills to distinguish and empower any given information commodity, are overwhleming." Clement Mok Good essays and some inspirational thinking... at

The quote below got me thinking about my masters project. The community I chose to focus on will be key - to enable me to practice my skills outside my comfort zone.

"Each of us need to begin practicing with real projects. Find a problem in your community that you care about, pick a cause: education, health, environment, politics, religion, art. Then use your skills to help that cause reach a small or large goal: design posters, design events, give lectures. Many designers are unaware of the power of the skills they sell: true understanding comes from personal experience. Like any successful project, both sides will win."

See the full presentation here.