service providers need to rethink relationships

A recent survey has highlighted not only the dissatisfaction that customers feel against some service providers, but also how it affects their decision making and ultimately their choice. Picture 16

Research carried out recently by Benenden Healthcare Society looked at the psychological effects of the recession on people's attitude towards service providers and revealed some thought-provoking trends.

Now more than ever, what matters most is the connection among individuals in terms of trust, mutual understanding and shared values. Public services need to take note of this and decide whether, on the basis of this shift in consumer psychology, they are providing the best service possible.

Brilliant to see this reality backed up with concrete figures and statistics! Follow the author Mal on twitter...

*The image is from a training session 'Sallyent' ran for Manchester University, on Public Engagement. I like it.

Thanks to Kate for discovery.

Journey from Osdorp

Workers of the Ports who live in Osdorp have to travel to Sloterdijk station to reach the Westpoort Bus. I went on this journey today to experience it for myself. The aim of this is to help me understand the emotions of the journey, as well as how easy/difficult it is. Paying particular attention to signage and the time of journeys. This map clearly shows the distance from the centre of Osdorp plein to the bus stop Ruimzicht ( about 2 minute walk) From this stop, Bus 19 goes to Sloterdijk roughly every 15 minutes. An easy journey!

This website shows a recent campaign involving the Ports. Although the site is all in Dutch, the people featured in the campaign are famous Dutch people who have been covered in tattoos, to represent the industrial, toughness of the Ports;"a romantic view of the ports"...aimed at people like me and you. I saw a billboard featuring one of the actresses, in Osdorp today.

The number 19 stopped at many bus stops around Osdorp and runs very regularly.

How familiar are the stakeholder groups with a Strippen Kaart?