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Make a film and help save lives

Make a film and help save lives: Creative Review and NHS Choices want your ideas for a new series of animated public health films. Deadline for initial ideas: 19 January This video launched the NHS in 1947


Comment from a viewer from the US: "I wish the Americans were as enlightened as the British in terms of healthcare and other public services..."

"Through its web portal, NHS Choices, the NHS now makes extensive use of moving image, both to promote public health messages, to explain diseases and conditions and to help those suffering from them. With an ageing population and alarming increases in problems such as obesity, there remains a dire need for effective, engaging communications. Which is where you come in."

Watch A Guide to Modern Health...take you mind off work and go for walk in the countryside.


We have been getting told to cycle, walk and stand up straight for 60 years!

From my perspective, the most important advice is this:

  1. Always wear sensible shoes!!
  2. Relax for at least half and hour before bedtime.
  3. And ladies don't worry about anything you can't change :)

"We are looking for a character/s that would work well in both static illustration and short animated films that would be distributed nationally on the net and other media. The aim is to use humour, consis­tently strong writing, and a distinctive visual identity to put over health infor­mation credibly, with laughs and without alienating the audience by being patronising."

Find out more and enter the competition here.