council on social action

The Good Society

Willing Citizens and the making of a good society: the ideas underpinning the practical work of the Council on Social Action.

The Council on Social Action brings together innovators from every sector to generate ideas and initiatives through which Government and other key stakeholders can catalyse, celebrate and develop social action. We consider ‘social action’ to include the wide range of ways in which individuals, communities, organisations and businesses can seek through their choices, actions and commitments to address the social issues they care about.


This paper is all about supporting the role of the willing citizen.

"There is much that is bad in the world; talent wasted, aspirations unrealised, illness endured and harm done. But there is much more that is good; people supporting one another, communities finding solutions to problems, generosity and differences resolved."

We all have power: The wellbeing of us all, our communities and out planet is dependent on the aggregation of these individual, everyday behaviours. Together, through our actions, we have the power to change the world.

We are equal: Every individual is the author of their own life and can and should rise as far as their talents can take them but a recognition that we all need support at some time in our lives.

We must be guided by those who have least: People who experience a problem understand it best.