City-inspired story

This is the first time an international story telling commercial has been used to profile a metropolitan area such as Amsterdam. The makers choose to sell 'emotion' rather than 'unique selling points'.

The city is unique in many ways. It has a wonderful blend of creativity, innovation and spirit...

This creation is playful and effective.

City Navigator

Thank you to my lovely friend Kathleen, for letting me know about this Travel Service the city of Amsterdam offers.

"Amsterdam is a small town compared to most other European capitals. It is really perfect for walking around. It is small, but big enough to get lost.

Even with a city map it can be hard to orientate to find your way around.

We have developed a simple solution for this problem.

With this easy to operate handheld GPS you will always know where you are, and it will tell you how to get to your destination."
I like the way the website clearly maps out 'The Problem' and 'The Solution'.
These guys noticed a problem and have provided an answer...I must try and test it out before I leave!