Breaking the cycle

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I saw this Barnardo's campaign on the news a few minutes ago. The comments already appearing on the YouTube show contrasting opinions. One comment read:
"This will eventually happen in UK if the problem doesn't stop."
Another anti-bullying viewer says:
"Barnardos success and support is based on its unwavering belief in every child, but there will be children watching these adverts who will feel scared and threatened by the generalised and misguided adult opinions unjustifiably being given a voice by Barnardos. Therefore we urge Barnardos to reconsider its decision to run this campaign"
Almost half of Scots believe that children behave like animals.  The recent work by Barnado's is drawing this to the attention of the public.

More than 40% of adults questioned thought that youngsters were increasingly dangerous and beginning to behave like animals. A similar percentage thought children were increasingly dangerous both to each other and to adults.

This is very different from the reality that less than 1.5% of young people actually commit crime. The Scottish Crime and Victimisation Survey also shows that young people were more likely to be victims of personal crime compared to older people.

Martin Crewe from Barnardos Scotland said: "We're not naive, we know that a small minority of young people do cause problems for their communities and what we are saying is lets address that. We're not saying go easy on them. It's only something like 1.5% of young people, lets get it in perspective, there's a reality gap here. The vast majority of young people are positive contributors to society and that's the debate we want to have."

A survey taken by 393 youngsters, aged between 10 and 23 shows:

  • 44% said bad behaviour is encouraged when the media portrays their peers as misbehaving
  • 84% said young people get into trouble because of boredom
  • 88% said having more things to do and places to go might stop young people getting into trouble
  • 32% would go to friends for help if they were in trouble.
This info is from the Scotland Today website.
This scary reality is a huge challenge. We need to look through a lens that enables us to understand the every day lives of young children. I believe designers are a key part of the team needed to tackle this. This topic has taken over my head in a very short time...I am so keen for my Masters project to make a real difference to peoples lives. Maybe this is the opportunity I have been waiting for.
Visit the Barnado's site to learn more about the campaign.